$30 Mini Reiki or "On the Go" (20 Min)

This is a great upgrade service If you want to add this service to your Manicure or Massage. 

$ 80 Reiki Session (45 Min)

Enjoy a relaxing, Energy healing Session. Mind, Body and Soul. Great for those who are dealing with Less Severe ailments But need healing and self love!

$110 Reiki Session (1Hour 15 min)

A more gentle intense energy healing session. Great for Clients who are dealing with High levels of Stress, Anxiety, Sickness, Medical Treatments and much more. 


Reiki originiated in Japan. It's all about the healing touch by simply placing hands on  certain areas on the body allowing the energy (Chi) to flow through the practioner to the clients. Its 100% painless.  Its calming, soothing and has been proven as an effective treatment. Its great for clients who are dealing with sickness, joint pain, anxiety, stress, and much more! 


Everyone's circumstance are different and may have different results. Consultation will be held before service. This is NON Religuous! Its all about healing. 

Need a tailored Package?

CONTACT US for a tailored package for your personal needs.